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stud welding or weld stud

stud welding or weld stud

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Product description
Our company supplies welding stud. Our company supplies and sells all kinds of welding stud of various sizes and specifications from mm10mm to Ф25mm and lengths of 50mm~300mm. The raw materials are SWRCH15A, SWRCH18A, ML15AL or ML18AL. All the raw materials used by our company are produced by large famous steel enterprises. The high-quality standard steel grade steel meets the requirements of the standard of welding stud raw materials. It is strictly in accordance with the relevant standards. It can be used for cold heading or hot-spinning production, processing and inspection. All the indexes of national standard welding stud produced by our company are in compliance with the national standard GB10433-2002. Produces high quality welding stud in accordance with ISO13918, ANSI/AWSD 1.1, ANSI/AWSD 1.6, JIS B 1198-2011 and other standards. Our company can customize long welding stud, please contact our company to discuss cooperation matters.
The welding stud produced by our company are reasonable in price, quality guaranteed, stable in quality, complete in specifications, timely in delivery, and provide product warranty. Welcome new and old customers from all over the world to come and buy! The welding stud produced by our company have strict control from the materials used to the processing process to sampling or comprehensive inspection and testing! Ensure that the quality and performance indicators of each finished product can meet the relevant standards! Butler brand welding stud, the quality is guaranteed, you can rest assured that you are satisfied! The welding stud produced by our company for 25 years are widely used in various steel structure projects, high-rise steel structure buildings, industrial plant buildings, roads, railways, bridges, towers, automobiles, energy, transportation facilities, airports, stations, power stations. The steel structure construction industry, such as pipeline supports, lifting machinery, workshops, workshops, bridge construction projects, large steel bridges, civil engineering



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