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High-Strength Hexagon bolts or tructural bolting DIN 6914


High-Strength Hexagon bolts or tructural bolting DIN 6914

High-Strength Hexagon bolts or tructural bolting DIN 6914

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Product description

Our company produces and supplies high-strength hexagon bolts or tructural bolting DIN 6914 all the year round. Our company's stock supply thread specifications are M12-M30 (can produce M12, M16, M20, (M22), M24, (M27), M30 seven specifications), the length is 35mm -260mm, performance level 10.9, performance indicators in line with GB/T 1228-2006 standard. The raw materials for the production of hexagonal bolts of our company are all purchased from well-known large-scale steel manufacturers such as Xinggang. They are manufactured by internationally advanced professional production equipment, and are subjected to professional heat treatment processing through advanced heat treatment production lines. All production links are strictly checked by the quality inspection department. From the source to prevent the emergence of substandard products, to ensure that each of the hexagonal bolts performance indicators fully comply with the GB/T1228-2006 standard. Our company is an ISO9001 international quality management system certification enterprise. The company has complete testing equipment, strict quality control and strict quality inspection. At the same time, it supplies many well-known large-scale steel structure engineering companies and exports to more than ten countries including the European Union, Southeast Asia and Russia. The area is unanimously recognized and praised by the construction unit and the owner unit; it is trusted by users everywhere! Welcome new and old customers from all over the world to come and visit us! The length specifications, type dimensions, technical requirements, test methods, marking methods and technical specifications of acceptance and packaging of our hexagon bolts produced by our company shall comply with GB/T 1228-2006 GB head bolt or ISO 7412:1984. standard regulation.


The Structural Steel bolt is different from the hexagon head of the general hex bolt. The hex head of the  hex head bolt is larger than the ordinary hex head bolt product, so the hex bolt for the steel structure can also be called the hex head bolt. Hexagon bolts are mainly used in industrial and civil buildings, railway bridges, highway bridges, pipeline bridges, tower structures, boiler frames, boiler steel structures, large-span industrial buildings, high-rise civil buildings, various towers, light steel structures, Construction of hoisting machinery and other steel structures connected to the building. Each set of hex head bolts consists of a high-strength large hex head bolt GB/T 1228, a steel structure high-strength nut GB/T1229 and two steel structure high-strength washers GB/T1230, and are manufactured in the same batch. When assembling the large hex head bolt connection pair, the chamfered side of the bolt head under the bolt head should face the bolt head; the hex head high-strength bolt requires the use of a torque wrench during construction, and the required operation space is large, and it is necessary to divide the initial screw and the final screw. After the completion of the department, the construction is more troublesome than the torsion-shear type bolt; the quality inspection also requires torque inspection, and requires professional equipment and quality inspection personnel.





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