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Torsion shear bolts

Torsion shear bolts

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Product description

Our company produces TC Bolt all the year round. Our company produces and supplies thread specifications M16-M30 (M16, M20, (M22), M24, (M27), M30 six thread specifications), length 40mm-220mm, performance Grade 10.9 (10.9s), the TC Bolts with performance indicators in accordance with GB/T 3632-2008. TC Bolts are mainly used in industrial and civil buildings, railway bridges, highway bridges, pipeline bridges, tower structures, boiler frames, boiler steel structures, large-span industrial buildings, high-rise civil buildings, various towers, light steel structures, Construction of hoisting machinery and other steel structures connected to the building. The raw materials for TC Bolts of our company are all purchased from the well-known large-scale steel manufacturers such as Xinggang and other high-quality wire materials that meet the requirements of GB/T 3632-2008 or meet the quality standards of the contractor. The production equipment is manufactured by Seiko and processed by professional heat treatment production line. All production steps are strictly checked by the quality inspection department, and the occurrence of unqualified products is eliminated from the source to ensure the torsion-cut bolts of each batch. The performance indicators are in full compliance with the GB/T 3632-2008 standard. The TC Bolts produced by our company are superior in material selection, strict in inspection, stable in quality, reasonable in price, and provide product quality inspection report certificate. At the same time, we supply many well-known large-scale steel structure engineering companies and export to the EU, Iran, Russia and other dozens. The country and the region are unanimously recognized and praised by the construction unit and the owner unit; they are trusted by users everywhere! Welcome new and old customers of TC Bolts to come and visit us!


The size, technical requirements, test methods, marking methods and technical specifications of the torsion-shear type bolts produced by our company are in accordance with the GB/T 3632-2008 standard for TC Bolts. When assembling high-strength torsion-shear type bolt joints, the side of the nut with the round table should face the chamfered side of the washer; the high-strength torsion-shear type bolt connection for the steel structure is a modified type of the large hexagonal bolt connection of the steel structure. The main advantage is that the construction of the larger hexagon bolt is simple, the required construction space is small, the electric wrench can be used to directly screw off the tail of the plum blossom head, which is safe, simple and quick, and the construction quality is very convenient, no professional or equipment is required, only general The visual inspection confirmed that the plum head has been screwed off to ensure the construction quality.




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